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They will not be affected if Discussions is enabled for a community. While this is important for fact-based articles, it may not be necessary for discussion threads. the activity in which people talk about something and tell each other their ideas or opinions: We will hold /have discussions with employee representatives about possible redundancies. 11, 18:45: Ich hatte eine kurze Unterhaltung mit dem Bäcker. rather than simply telling and lecturing by the teacher. Discussions will continue to accept submissions for online publication, and we encourage you to submit for the fall issue.

Is wikitext supported? While generally not conducive to covering large amounts of content, the interactive dynamic of discussion can help students learn and motivate them to complete homework and to prepare for class. trying to find a tune name (2 replies) Added by. Above the first post in the center column, you can filter the posts by category, sort them by hot or new, and change their card layout. Explore subjects like remodeling, interior decorating, landscape design, gardening and more. Discussions are organized into three main areas. How can I get Discussions for my community? Discussions posts and replies are counted separately, and have a separate total displayed on the user profile page.

Discussions about isolation, restrictions, demonstrations and the like. Despite many different wordings, the questions are specifically phrased to let you know exactly how to answer them. The open-source repo for docs. Articles that were redirected or just received minor edits do not appear in this module.

La Machine Andy Cutting tune ID please (3 replies) Added by Atsunrise 20 hours ago. Discussions works on desktop and mobile web browsers, and users can be directed to Discussions via local navigation links and via a footer that appears on article pages. Another word for discussion. Discussions allows for interactive communication between two or more people; users can participate in a conversation with an entire class or group.

Find more ways to say discussions, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus. Steam for Mac 16,370 1 hour ago. Simple formatting options such as bold, italics, preformatted text, numbered and bulleted lists are available, but they are not achieved via wikitext. under discussion (= being discussed) The project is under discussion as a possible joint venture. What are good discussion questions?

We had long discussions about our future plans. What are the benefits of discussion? Can I embed a Discussions feed on a wiki page? moredebate, exchange of views, consultation, deliberation, chat, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart, seminar, symposium, talks, negotiations, parley, argument, dispute, adda, korero, informal:confab, chitchat, rap, powwow, skull session, bull session, convo, formal:confabulation, rare:palaver, colloquy, converse, interlocution▪ a detailed treatment of a particular topic in speech or writing: "see Appendix One, for a more detailed discussion" synonyms examination, exploration, analysis, study, review,. You can also reply to any post of any type that has already been made. Will this replace the wiki-style forums (i.

How will Discussions activity be monitored? Does my community have to be part of an app to use Discussions? Fandom introduced announcementsto help admins and moderators get the w.

Will there be a separate Recent Activity module for Discussions? Discussions doesn&39;t support wikitext and therefore, templates don&39;t work. For more information on polls, see Help:Polls in Discussions. Discussion is important to learning in all disciplines because it helps students process information rather than simply receive it. They differ from DISCUSSIONS chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text, and are at least temporarily archived.

If you used folders to organize. What content will be migrated from Forum to Discussions, when it&39;s time? Check out the Discussions Activity Feed. Find another word for discussion. Canvas provides an integrated system for class discussions, allowing both instructors and students to start and contribute to as many discussion topics as desired. Steam Community 192,690 Just now. Word Origin Middle English (denoting judicial examination): via Old French from late Latin discussio(n-), from discutere ‘investigate’ (see discuss).

discussions take place: Discussions about the peace plan took place in Washington last week. the ones typically found at Forum:Index)? This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. When the Forum content is migrated to Discussions, will my edit count go down? No, any community can use Discussions. This topic is not open to discussion.

See full list on community. For example, com/f Below is how Discussions appears in a desktop browser, with the post view s. Steam Discussions 14,392 2 hours ago. Analytics cookies. If you have a discussion with someone, you have a serious conversation with them.

Compatible features. What is online discussion site? Join home and garden discussions on Houzz.

Sharon Osbourne Tests Positive for. Features such as rubrics and graded discussions are compatible with the app. There have been many discussions (on) whether the death penalty should be abolished or not. a discussion group / document. Discussion definition is - consideration of a question in open and usually informal debate. DISCUSSIONS Newest discussions. , especially to explore solutions; informal debate. Will this be used to replace Article/Blog comments or Message Walls?

When Forum posts and replies are migrated to Discussions, those will be counted as Discussions posts and replies in that se. All new communities now come with the Discussions feature. While it may not be possible to fulfill every specific request, the themes and trends of feedback will help to guide the direction of Discussions. More DISCUSSIONS videos.

Discussions is available on desktop web, mobile web, and the Fandom app. Forum boards will become Discussion categories, and Kudos will become upvotes. (2 replies) Added by Jan Murray 2 hours ago. Discussions is intentionally built separately from MediaWiki, which means some conventions and processes will have to be updated. We are able to migrate content (all posts, threads and boards) from the current Forum feature. the action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas: "the proposals are not a blueprint but ideas for discussion" ▪ a conversation or debate about a certain topic: "discussions about environmental improvement programs" synonyms conversation, talk, dialogue, discourse, conference,. More DISCUSSIONS images. On every community where Discussions is enabled, it can be found by adding /f directly after the domain name.

Whole-class discussions can encourage students to learn from one another and to articulate course content in their own words. It&39;s equally important to realize that there can be multiple ways to. You will only see this section heading if there are discussions within this section. How can I add custom certificate to my Edge. A few select communities offer the option of creating a quiz, but this is a beta feature that&39;s not available everywhere. Will there be "sticky" function in the future, to pin posts at the top of the post list (or a category view)? They often cite particular scenes or passages and ask people to look at them closely and draw connections between these passages and the rest of the work.

. Collocations and examples +-Adjectives frequently used with discussion. Bedeutet discussion = Unterhaltung (also s. How to use discussion in a sentence. Good discussion questions are simply and clearly stated. · Discussions provides a simple way to spark user engagement on your site by allowing users to have topical discussions within groups. Why did Discussions replace Forum on new wikis?

Discussions are ordered by most recent activity. Contact Fandom staffif this is needed on your community. After the lecture there was a lively discussion.

When you create a discussion and select Display on the course content page, it shows on Course Content as well as Discussions in the app. The current focus is on the "forum" and "community conversation" uses, and we don&39;t have specific details or timelines for Comments or Message Wall. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Leading a discussion requires skills different from lecturing. Please use Special:Contactto send in ideas and report problems. A huge part of how this feature will develop is hearing what communities want from it.

Regular users have the ability to "report" problematic content (spam, vandalism, violations of community guidelines) to moderators and admins, so we encourage you to think about whether there is a need for moderators and admins to review every single post DISCUSSIONS and reply. Zoho Discussions brings all under one roof. Another word for discussions. The wiki-style forumsare not part of any migration or retirement plan. Adressbar Dropdown expandable History sync is available on Edge for Android! Eventually, we expect to retire all of the current "thread" features in favor of this newer Discussions platform. Users who were watching a Forum thread will be following the Discussions post. ESL Discussions: 14,180 English conversation questions and 709 ready-to-print discussion handouts.

So the posts will look very similar to the original threads, visually. Your role becomes that of facilitator. Discussions (Some sections adapted from Davis, 1993; Brookfield and Preskill, 1999) Discussions can be an excellent strategy for enhancing student motivation, fostering intellectual agility, and encouraging democratic habits. .

Topics (the names of associated articles) will become article tags. Find more ways to say discussion, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus. Contribute to github/docs development by creating an account on GitHub. We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so DISCUSSIONS we can make them better, e. You say that you have a discussion about something or a discussion on something. Discussion questions are a great way to explore and apply concepts with critical thinking. 9 Antworten: Unterhaltung - discussion: Letzter Beitrag: 30 Jan.

they&39;re used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. Discussions will be a standard feature on Fandom communities, and Forum will be retired. com, the world&39;s most trusted free thesaurus. If you must have wikitext for a conversation - perhaps because it centers around editing specific templates or specific plans for formatting articles - we recommend using DPL forums or talk pagesinstead. The matter is still under discussion (= being considered).


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